Steps to prepare your computer for recycling

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Are you planning to replace your existing computer or laptop with the latest technology? Or, do you want to get rid of your unworkable PC? There could be any reason for technology up-gradation, but the thing to ponder upon is, “what to do with your old device?” 
Whether you want to corner it in your house or office, donate or sell it– in every case, you need to prepare your equipment before saying goodbye. 
To avoid the hassle, you can also look for a  computer recycling London  service that provides you with secure  IT disposal  services. 
What about the files and data saved on your discarded PC? You wouldn't want them to fall into the wrong hands for sure. Therefore, preparing your redundant device before disposal is essential for data security. 
Given are some steps and procedures that you have to conduct on your redundant device. 
Create a Backup of your Files and Data Whether the old device has been in your personal or official use, it keeps some data saved as files, photos, videos, and documents. Therefore, take the first step to create a backup of all – and if your PC links with a Google account–most of the files get automatically saved through cloud-based file syncing services – such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 
However, you still need to countercheck for the files or personal data saved on your computer and transfer them to another system. Take advantage of the Windows File History tool to secure your data and files on external storage devices. 
You can also look for a third-party online backup tool for creating a backup of your files and data. 
1. Remove History 
The information you search on any of the browsers such as -- Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc, gets saved in the form of history. So everything that you searched for or browsed through can provide enough clues to your personal information like bank account credentials or business account keys. 
Therefore, wipe all the search history before saying goodbye to your computer. 
2.  Log out of your Accounts You must log out of all your official, personal and financial accounts from the old computer. If you have saved the passwords, disable the option. 3.  Erase the Hard Drive  

Once you are sure that all the data has been backed up, erase the hard drive of your redundant device. Though you can use multiple data erasure software to do the task, the best move is to go for a  computer recycling near me  option as it provides you with reliable and certified data destruction services within your area. 
Even some of the registered  IT recycling companies  like Computer Waste London also provide onsite data erasure services to their customers. 
If you are planning to donate or sell your old device, then reinstall its operating system to bring it into factory conditions. 
Wipe Mac's Hard Drive 
Reach out  to System Preferences  > Erase All Content and Settings and follow further steps to run the data erasure tool. However, handling Mac's hard drive is comparatively complicated so instead of experimenting with your sensitive data, go  for  a computer disposal London . Detach All the External Devices  After all the data erasure and file transfer tasks have been accomplished, detach all your external drives from the equipment. Concluding Words  For whatever reasons you want to recycle your old electronic equipment, make sure to do it in the right way – that is safe for your data and the environment. Always go for the safest option – and consult a reliable  laptop recycling London . 

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